Mission Statement

The Glacier Queer Alliance (GQA) is focused on providing positive, safe, community resources, events, and spaces for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations in the Flathead Valley.

vision Statement

GQA envisions a community center in the Flathead valley to drive this mission.

This is (some of) us in our purple t-shirts. Pictures by Cherry Creek Images <3

Currently the queer populace of Flathead Valley is not very visible to allies in the community who wish to support them and we are operating on the premise that many cis-identified or allies have no access point to express support or declare their interest in the LGBTQIA+ community. Our plan is to alleviate this disconnect in the greater community by working towards an established Community Resource Center and create queer friendly events.

Many professions lack the appropriate vocabulary to interact with queer persons. We are working towards creating a directory of safe and appropriate health, mental health, and general business entities and services. Alongside the directory we plan to offer sensitivity and best speaking practices to healthcare and business entities so they can grow positive relationships within our queer community.